About Tiny Seed Farm

Founded in 2017, Tiny Seed Farm is a 2.5-acre vegetable and cut flower farm nestled in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  We also produce many varieties of cultivated mushrooms! Our journey began with the observation of the flaws within conventional food systems – the environmental toll of industrial farming, the distressing state of our local food infrastructure and witnessing the emergence of food deserts, where communities struggled to access nutritious options.  This instilled a commitment to be part of a solution.  

We grow 100's of varieties of vegetables and flowers, all of which are hand tended and thoughtfully farmed using organic techniques to ensure the health of the soil we work and the people we provide for. We offer a CSA to local families, most of whom live within ten miles of the farm! We also work with local chefs who care about the ingredients they use as much as we do.  You can also find us at Pittsburgh area farmer's markets, including in Bloomfield and Lawrenceville.

 Tiny Seed Farm weathered the storms of starting from scratch, navigated through the complexities of a global pandemic, and faced the unpredictable forces of extreme weather. Through it all, our farm has thrived, thanks to the unwavering support of our local community and the tireless work of the Tiny Seed Farm team.

Thank you for making this dream a reality!

About Todd

Todd has been farming and working in agriculture since 2010, and continues to grow his passion for vegetables AND flowers AND mushrooms on a daily basis. 

First, Todd gardened with friends and neighbors in vacant lots in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Later, Todd worked with the non-profit Grow Pittsburgh farming at the Braddock Farm.  

After an internship with Grow Pittsburgh, Todd worked as an employee for the Kretschmann Family Organic Farm.  There Todd learned the importance of efficiency in farming, and many skills that will be used for years to come.  It is Todd’s hope that Pennsylvania farms large and small can work together to create a more accessible local agriculture. 

As you know, in 2017 Tiny Seed Farm was started with the support of many.  

When Todd is not farming, you can find him thinking and reading about farming.  If that's not the case, he is likely in the kitchen whipping something up or wandering around the woods.  If he has the opportunity, he also wouldn't mind dipping his toes in the ocean.